Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Sending A Smile Akron Class 2023

  Hello friends. 

Thank you so much for joining me for class today.  It was pleasure to meet you.   Below is all the photos and links.  On each blog post you can find a list of copic colors (if you use them) and detailed photos. 

The topic of paper was popular today.  Here is the link to the correct type of  paper.  Neenah makes several kinds of paper and it can be confusing.  This is the paper that I use to color with copics.  I also use it for pencils...but you plan to do a lot of layering you should invest in specialized paper.  

The second question that I got asked what the cheapest place to buy copics.  Click here.

This is a good source for gamsol. 

Key points from class:

Remember that you will probably have to modify your stamps to make it work.  I try to figure out where the natural break is in the stamp.  If it leaves a weird gap,  use a small stamp to balance your sentiment. 

Design tip- try to make the outside of the card look innocent...so they are surprised when they see the inside.  I also try to keep the card simple.  Focus on the joke don't get distracted with other things.

Look for silly critters to compliment your snarky stamps.  They make it the easiest to make cards. 

Great companies to look for snarky stamps are 

1. Technique Junkies- use code TJ10Chris to save 10%
2. Art Impressions - Girlfriend line is hilarious
4. Ink Road- great company but takes about 8-12 weeks to get stamps
5. Stamping Bella- oddballs are great for characters. 
6. Whimsy Stamps- great mix of serious and goofy stamps

Card #1: Blog Post Snapchat or Video Tutorial 

Card #2:  Car Warranty  Blog post-- 

Card #3:  Hen 

Card #4: Santa Blog Post

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