Monday, June 29, 2015

Pear of Cards


Can you keep a secret?  I've got a good one for you!  I have been playing a little game with Connor's (hubby) parents for the last two years.  They haven't caught on yet.. but I'm enjoying the challenge.  I have been using the store bought cards they send us as inspiration for the cards we send them. Connor and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this past April.  His parents sent us the pear card (on the left) below.  His parents celebrated their anniversary this I created a pear card to send them.  I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that my cards mirror the cards they are sending us.  I wonder how long I can keep this up!

Copics used:
Green: G94, YG67, YG63, YG61,YG23,YG21
Orange: YR14, YR12
Ground: W3, W1, W0

Friday, June 26, 2015

One of a Minion

Hello again,

Have you heard?  The Minion are getting their own movie.  It comes out next month!  I watched the movie preview and a smile was plastered on my face .  These guys are just silly.

Connor helped me design this card.  It was so adorable I wanted to share.  It is really easy and fairly fast to put together.  If you want a card kit click here.

I made a move to show you easy it is to assemble.  If you are watching this in your email. It won't play.  You have to go to the webpage or youtube to see it.

No copics today!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When Kindness Touches it

Happy Wednesday,

I've been practicing black hair for a while now.  It is still a challenge, but I'm staring to feel like I have the hang of it.  It is tough because it is easy to make it look like a black blob rather than beautiful locks.  I'm determined to get it right.... here is my latest attempt.   This one was a tough. I think those birds might have made a nest in her hair.

Copics used:
Black: 100, N9, N7, N5, N3
Purple: V09, V06, V04, V01
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E13
Birds: Y13, Y15, Y17, E13

If you are looking for an alternate hair color.  I would try one of these
Brown: E30, E31, E33, E35, E39
Or E21, E23, E25, E27, E29
A Day For Daises-Pearls in My Hair

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sally By The Seashore

Hey friends,

It is here!  It is here! It is officially HERE!!  Summer has arrived!

I wanted to make a simple, fun card to celebrate the season.  The cute little image from A Day From Daisies was perfect.   I wanted the sand to go across the card front.  I used my copic multi-liner to continue the sandy border. I also drew in some seashells.   It isn't perfect, but I really like end result.

Happy Summer!

Hair: E30, E31, E33
Sand: E30- then random dots of brown, grey
Red: R39, R29, R24
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E13
Blue: BG11, BG13
Starfish: YR65, W3
A Day for Daises- treasure

Friday, June 19, 2015

Birthday Banners

Hello friends,

Today's card is simple to create, but it so elegant.  My husband's Mom celebrated a birthday last week.  My husband is an only child and I know that at least part of her still seems him as a little boy.   I thought this would be perfect.

If you have been following along, you know I've been practicing black hair.  My husband has really dark brown hair, so I thought I'd try doing really dark brown with black shadows.  The ink is really heavy and you can see it looks glossy in the photos.  It has a little shine to it in real life, but the camera really picked up this detail.  There are probably two things going on here.  One I have a lot of ink on the paper.  Dark pigments are thicker than lighter ones.  The paper gets saturated easily and looks shiny.  Second, I probably need to clean my markers.  This just adds to the first problem.   Don't forget to clean your markers from time to time.  It looks like I have some work to do.

I created the banners by cutting coordinating decorative paper strips. I was lucky to find some that matched the colors I chose for the balloons.  I decided to make the blue banner a little shorter than the pink one.

Copics used: 
Yellow: Y17, Y15, Y13
Blue: B05, B02, B00
Pink: RV14, RV13, RV11, RV10
Skin: E000, E00, E11
Black: 100, N9, N7, N5, E49(Hair only)
Ground: W3, W1, 0
Shadows: W1

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who Doesn't Love Extra Frosting?

Hello all,

A little a while ago I was contacted by Lila Grey stamps and asked to color up a few images.  She was kind enough to send me some stamps.  The cupcake spoke to me immediately.  Check out the link above to see her collections of images.   You can find this cupcake image in her shop.

The cupcake was a fast favorite.  I couldn't wait to ink it up.  My impatient little hands inked it up and headed to the lake to soak in some sunshine and color.  When I got there, I started analyzing the image.  I saw the little flower on top of the cupcake.. but I didn't really think about it until this point.  If you know me... or follow this blog.. then you probably know that I know nothing about flowers.  I love flowers... they are beautiful.  And that is where my knowledge about them stops.  They only way, I'm getting a green thumb is if I color it with copics! We don't have internet at the I couldn't look it up.  I did the only thing a grown woman could do... I asked my Mom.  It turns out that she is not a botanist either.  We couldn't figure out what flower was on top of the I just did my own thing.

I noticed that the flowers on the cupcake stand had four petals.  I wanted to mirror this on the cupcake.  To do this, I colored the four main petals in the same pink that I used on the stand.  I made the fifth petal into a ball of frosting!  Problem solved. Who doesn't love a little extra frosting?   What a great reminder that stamping and coloring is all about being creative.  I was so worried about what to do with this flower... and I love how this card turned out.  The best part it is unique.  I bet all those other people will color this flower the right way!

Copics used:
Yellow: YR30, YR31
Center of flowers Y17
Grey: C5, C3, C1
Pink: R85, R83, R81
Cupcake: E50, E51, E53
Frosting: E23, E25, E27
Ground: W3, W1, 0
additional shadows W2

Thanks to Lila Grey Stamps for sending me this stamp set.  I really enjoyed coloring it.  Please check out the web page and see what the other talented design team members made.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Love Story

Hello all,

Love it in the air here Purple Lake Stamps.   Connor and I were invited to two weddings next month. They are both in the Philadelphia area...and the weirder part is they are the same weekend.  Talk about two birds with one stone....I'm so grateful that they are not at the same time.  This way we can attend both without missing a thing!

I made this for one of the weddings.  I'm not sure which one yet.  When I started I planned to use it for our friend's wedding, but since found out that they are having a beach theme.  I'm tempted to try to make a card that goes along with their theme.  Hmmm.... not sure yet.

I love the inside sentiment.  It is just perfect for wedding/anniversary cards.  I think card could be used for both occasions.

I played around with some color ideas for this card.  Wedding dresses are usually white, but I wanted to give it some interest.  I had a hard time picking a color to play with. A huge thank you to my Mom for her suggestions.  After some discussion, I went with pink.  What do you think?  What color would you have picked?

I also used my glitter pen to add some sparkle to her veil, tiara, ring and necklace.  There is also a little sparkle in the twine in the bow.   It is a soft sparkle. I didn't want it to draw away from the couple, but just add a little twinkle.

Skin: E000, E00, E11, E13
Pink: R000,R00, R01
Black: N9, N7, N5, N3
His hair: E30, E31, E33, E35, E37
Her Hair: Y21, YR31, E30, E31
Tiddly Inks- Wedding Bells

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rainbow of Thanks


I love rainbows!  Did you know that it is impossible for two people to see the same rainbow? Rainbows are formed when light is refracted through tiny droplets of rain.  Because no two people can occupy the exact same space we all experience are own special rainbow.   They are just proof that magic does exist in the world.  I have fallen in love with them on cards.    They bring just happiness everywhere they go....

Copic colors:
Red:  R39, R29, R24, R14, R02
Orange: YR09, YR07, YR04, YR02
Yellow: Y18, Y15, Y13, Y11
Green: G99, YG67, YG63, YG61, G20
Blue: B04, B02, B00,
Purple: V17, V15, V12
Stampin Up For All You Do

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mae West

Welcome Stampers!

I probably should have put a little more research into this card.  I had this sentiment with a quote from Mae West.  I knew she was an Old-timey Hollywood actress.  Here is what I came up with....

I asked my Monday girls about Mae West.  I wish I had a video camera to tape their impressions. Love these can always count on them for a laugh....

Copics used:
White: W1, W0
Black: N9, N7,N5, N3
Gold: Y21, Y23, Y26, Y28
Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20
Hair: E23, E25
Kraftin Kimmie Mae West

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sending Wishes Your Way

Hello again,

I'm in love with my new butterfly die.  This is the second card I have made with it.  I love the details in the butterflies. I think I will be using it a lot!

No copics today!

Stampin Up Butterfly Basics

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hello again,

I love House Mouse stamps.  These mice are adorable. They are always finding new ways to get into trouble.  This little cutie seems to be deep in thought in this little potted plant.   I wonder what he is thinking about?

Copics used:
Mouse: E30, E31, E33, E35 (E000, E00, E93 for skin)
Pot: YR00, YR02, E07, E09
Dirt: E49
Flower: Y13, Y15, YR12, YR15
Center of the Flower: E21, E23, E25
Green: YG61, YG63, YG67. G99
Shadows: BV23, BV25

Monday, June 1, 2015

Let it Rain

Happy Monday,

Today's card is a little different.  I used glitter embossing powder to create the background.  I like glitter and embossing, but I use both very sparingly.  I used a glittery embossing powder to create the sparkly raindrops.  I really like how they sparkle!  This Rainy Day Tilda was a perfect match for this background.

Copics used:
Yellow: Y11, Y13, Y15, Y17, E13
Hair: E30, E31, E33, E35
Skin: E000, E00, E11, E13
Blue: B00, B12, B14, B16
I used a gel pen to add highlights to her eyes and a multi-liner to add eyelashes.