Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Simply Stencils Akron Class 2023

 Hello friends. 

Thank you so much for joining me for class today.  It was pleasure to meet you.   I love these quad stencils.  I love that you are making a set of coordinating cards to help refill your card box or to give them as a gift.    If you are loving them as much as I this one just released

1. Remember to fill in the four tiny boxes on the edge of the stencils for perfect alignment.   On some stencils it really matters and the only way to get good placement. 

2. Remember to blend in circles and in both directions

3. When you are done blending trip 1/4 inch off each side of your paper.  Then cut at 4 inch and then at 5.25 inches.  You should end up with four panels.  

4. When I finish my panels off into cards.  I personally like to keep them simple.  Look for places to anchor your sentiments, so they are not just floating.   I love using tags, or vellum circles to help the sentiment stand out from a busy background.  

Birthday Set Materials:  (photos are at bottom of post)

Winter Set Materials:

Winter Set Materials:

Birthday Set:

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