Monday, December 31, 2012

Do Reindeer get sleepy?

Being Cute is Exhausting

 Hello Stampers!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Connor and I traveled to Deshler and Cleveland Ohio to see family.  In Cleveland, we got a special treat.  We were able to see some of Connor's extended family.  They traveled from Atlanta and Boston for a visit.  It was wonderful trip. 

I don't have any cards to share today, but these photos were too cute to pass up.  These are our puppies Willett and Widget. 

Did You Get a Treat?

Happy New Year from My Family to Yours! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Champagne Fountains

Lili of the Valley
This image from Lili of the Valley is adorable. The little mouse sitting with the umbrella makes me smile!  He is just a cutie!!

It is not what it looks like... it is Champagne I swear!!
I had a lot of fun coloring this.  I intended this card to celebrate the New Year, but it could be used for a wedding or anniversary.  It was also challenging to color.  I was nervous the champagne would look like pee.   It took me a while to find a combination that I was willing to commit too.  Even still I have some reservations. I think the rest of the card turned out great!  My hope is those mice are so darn cute, you won't notice the pee.

 I was glad to add a little glitter to distract from the color.    If you are reading this and know a great combo for champagne, please drop me a note!   In the meantime, I'll keep playing and keep you posted.

Copic Combos:
Mice: W2, W0, E30, R00
Bottle: G40, YG63, YG67, E51, E53
Bucket: T9, T7, T6, T5, T3, T1, 0
Ice: B00
Red Umbrella: R29, R27
Grounding: BV23, BV25, 0
Champagne: Y00, E51, E53, YR00, 0
Good Luck!
Please let me know how you guys do.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A New Year and Holiday Cheer

This stamp from Kraftin Kimmie made a very easy New Year's Card.   It pairs perfectly with the embossing folder.  The swirls in the background look like the bubbles/fizz to me.  
These stamps are a lot of fun to color.    It was refreshing to break out of the Christmas color scheme.

 Copics used:
Black: T9, T7, T6, T5, T1
Skin: E00, E000, E11
Red: R24, R29
Hair: E50, E31, E33
Wine Bottle: G40, YG63, YG67,  E53, E35
I felt the card needed a final touch, after it was all assembled.  I played around with a couple of ribbon ideas.  I will admit the bow placement is a bit unusual, but I liked it.   It pulls it all together with the bow in her hair and also on the wine bottle.    What do you think?

I wish you all some Holiday Cheer!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Red Rose, Thinking of You

Merry Christmas!

A very quick post today to let you know that I'm thinking of you.  This stamp is from Northwoods.  They make beautiful scenery stamps.  Roses and Lily of the Valley stamp caught my eye.  I wanted to give it a try.

Roses and Lily of the Valley Circle

The original stamped image had a extra circle border.  I decided to cut that off before adhering it to the lace doily.  It fit perfectly!

Copics used:
Red: R05, R14, R24, R29
Green: YG61, YG63, YG67
Lily of the Valley have a touch of R00 and C1
The background is colored with BV000, BV00, BV01, BV04

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Penguin Love

Just a quick post today... I found this pattern online.  Connor helped me create a pattern on the silhouette so we could make some Penguin shaped cards. I think this card would be perfect for a little kid.  Penguins are adorable!   They are so cute as they waddle along.   I couldn't resist making a few...

It is really hard to see in the photos below, but I used a sponge to apply ink to the nose and feet of the penguin.  I also added some grey to the edge of his stomach.  It is subtle, but it really adds some depth to the card.   I used a black marker to draw the eyeballs and used a white gel pen to add some detail.

No copics today

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowflakes are Green...

About a week ago.. I traveled to Rochester for some stamping classes.  I have met a wonderful group of women there.  I look forward to seeing you every month for class.   Amy, one of the students, had heard (but didn't see) about my blog post "Snowflakes can be Green".  This inspired her, she created her own card using green snowflakes.  It was very pretty!  I was so honored that someone was inspired by my work. 

I thought I'd return the gesture.  Your card inspired my card below...

I want to thank everyone that inspired me this year!  It has been a wonderful year of filled with creativity.  So many times, it is you my fellow stampers that give me ideas.  Thank you for your comments, suggestions and requests.  


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowflakes Sparkle

Hello Stampers!

This card was created at my Mom's request.  It was an indirect request, but I thought I would try to honor it.  She wanted a card that didn't involve coloring.  WHAT???  I thought about that a while. What am I going to do?  She loves to brayer.  She is amazing at it.  I'm always amazed at the beautiful scenes she creates. 

I pulled out my brayer (I had to dust it off) and gave it a go.  It wasn't pretty.  No sheet of paper should be tortured this way.  After a few hours of tinkering.  I put it away.   I was pretty sure that I could create the look I wanted using an airbrush. 

I pulled out my copics and on the first try was able to airbrush a rosy sky with ease.  I'm not sure if that was cheating or if it was clever solution to a problem?  No matter... here is the result.

 I used black ink to stamp the animals and title.  Then used white pigment ink to stamp the snowflakes on top. 

Thank you Mom for inspiring me to try new things, even when you didn't mean too!

Much love Everyone,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowy Faux Postcard

This next card was inspired by a postcard.  I used Garden Green Ink to stamp the pine trees in the background.  I stamped them several times before re-inking to give the affect of a whole forest.  I cute the snow banks from white paper and then sponged grey ink on them.  


The bear is from Magnolia.  He is just so darn cute!!!  I couldn't wait to ink him up.  After coloring him I cut him out.  I glued all the pieces together.  I added some clear Stickles to the snow banks and under the bear. 

I found a tiny tiny little snowflake punch.  I added just a few punches to the card.  It is a small detail, that many don't even notice. 

Lastly, I added the faux postage stamp.  I wish it only cost 15 cents to mail something! 

Copics used:
Brown: E30, E31, E33, E35, E37, R20
Belly: E41, E42
Red: R24, R27, R29

Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses

There is only nine more days until Christmas.  I have been making Christmas cards since July.   It will be strange to put the Christmas Stamps back on the shelf.  However, I'm looking forward to inking up the Snowman, Valentine's and the flowers stamps. 

Over the next week, I'll share my last five Christmas Cards of 2012   

I love the colors of this card.  It is simple Red, White and Black.  My favorite color combination. 

Her dress was a lot of fun to color.  I accented the folds by adding some grey to her dress. I'm still practicing, but I think they are looking better each time I try it.   On her belt I used a gold gel pen for the buckle. 

Copic used:
Dress: R24, R29, R59, W3
White on Dress: E42, E40
Belt: W9, W7,W5
Skin:E000, E00, E11, R00
Hair: E30, E31, E35, E37
Mistletoe: G64

Monday, December 10, 2012

Magnolia Christmas Nativity Shadow Box

Hello All!

I'm really excited to share this project.  I have been working on this for about two weeks.  At last, it is ready to share. 

Magnolia released a Nativity Collection of Stamps in early December.  I was in love with all the little characters.  They were so sweet.   
Magnolia Nativity Collection
I used the images to create this 3D Nativity Scene.  There are close ups of the characters below.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
Wise Man and Shepard

Wise Man and another Shepard
whole group
I love how it turned out.  I have turned this into a class and kit.   If you are interested send me a note.  I would be glad to help you create your own Nativity Project.

copics used:

Skin: E000, E00, E11
Robe: E40, E41, E43, E44
Staff: E70, E71, E74
Hair and Shoes: E33, E35, E37

Robe:B23, B26, B28
Hair: E33, E35, E37
Veil: C1, C2

Hair: E25, E27, E29
Robe: E51, E53, E55,

Wise Man
Robe: E42, E43, E44, R24, R27, R29
Hair: E50, E31
Crown: Y17, Y28, YR24 (this is a difficult blend)
Box: E23, E25
Accented with Gold Smooch

Wise Man 2
Robe: BG11, BG13, BG15
Dress:W0, W1, W3
Urn: YG01, Y21

Robe:E21, E23
Hair: E30, E31
Veil:C0, C1, C2
Ram: E40, E41, E43, E47, E49

C0, C1, C3  Cheeks: R11
Legs: C7, C9

Hair: E23, E25, E27, E29
Robe: V22, V25, V28
Veil: C3, C1

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kick Up Your Heels

Kraftin' Kimmie
I'm smitten with a Kraftin Kimmie.  It isn't a new stamp company, but it is to me.  This is my first Kraftin Kimmie stamp.  I love how it turned out!  It makes me want to Kick Up MY Heals!

Copics Used:
Purple: V12, V15, V17
Skin: E00, E000, E11, BV00
Eyes: BV01
Hair: E30, E31, Y21
Ground: T8, T6, T4, T3, T1, T0, 0

Tip:  To get the shadow on the ground. I put blender on the paper first.  Then applied the shades of grey. It helped the grey ink move on the paper. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candy Cane Catastrophe

Have you ever made a card, then wondered what went wrong when it was all finished?  I'm my worst critic.  My family will tell you that the first thing I do when I show them a project is point out all of the mistakes.  

I love the main image on this card.  It a fun stamp by Saturated Canary.   She has such a sweet face!  This image was a lot of fun to color.  It provided lots of challenges with small spaces.  Her dress required lots and lots of blending!!  I was so excited about how the folds turned out on her dress.  I love her stockings!  I wish I could color myself a pair.  These are all positives right?   So what happened....
 I had no idea what to do with her once I finished coloring her.  I experimented with lots of ideas.  The biggest issue was the colors I used didn't match any of the card stocks I had on hand.  I have been inspired by others who have made all white cards.  That didn't end well. After hours of creating.... and a very patient, encouraging husband looking at every draft.... this is the final result.  The end result isn't horrible... the journey was painful.   I'm not giving up!   I think will color another Candy Cane Girl and create another chapter in her story.  

Copics used:
Red: R29, R24, R59
Grey: C5, C3, C2, C0
Green: YG01, YG05, YG07, YG09, G17 (took lots and lots of blending)
Skin: E00, E000, E11, BV00
Hair: E30, E33, E35 E37

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tangled Up in Holiday Season

This little guy makes me Smile!   I love the little detail of the lights being plugged into the wall.   I feel for him. Does anyone like hanging lights?

Copic Used:
Brown: E37, E35, E33
Saddle: E51, E53, E25
Green: G07, G05
Hoofs: 100
Nose: R29, R27
Pink: RV02
Lights: YR07, R29, B02, G00
I used B00 around the edges of the deer. 
Accents: I used a white and gold gel pen to accent the picture

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Tilda Bookmark

Tilda with Presents
Hello Stampers!
This card is a blast from the past.  I colored this a year ago... but it sat unfinished for a whole year.  I thought she could needed some love.  It is also a great reminder of how much we grow in a year. I changed what colors I use for skin tones.  It also makes me wonder what I'll learn in the next year.

This is a bookmark card.  The main images isn't meant to be glued down.  It is held in place with the corner punches.  The recipient of the card can toss the card away, but keep the main image as a bookmark.  I laminate mine to protect against fingerprints.

The edge of the card is dressed up a bit with a wheel stamp.  I have had it forever.  They used to be the coolest thing on the market.  They get harder and harder to find each year.  I'm not sure, but I think this one was made by Stamping Up.

Copics used to color image:
Dress: R29, R27, R24
Skin: E00, E000, R20 (this is the old way)  I like E00, E000, E11 now
Socks: E50
Shoes: E15, E13
Hair: Y11,Y13, E31

Enjoy Friends!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Christmas

Many people are putting up their Christmas Trees this weekend.  I'm so jealous.  I'm not that organized.  This Santa card is going to have to do! 

Red: R24, R29, R59
Star: YR23, Y28
Tree: YG03, YG07
Reindeer: E25, E23, E37
Shading in Santa's Beard: W2, W1

To make the stitching around the side, I use a black gel pen and made little dash marks.  It ties the whole card together!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Wise Men Still Seek Him

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday.  I'm still full of turkey!!  If you went outside to brave the shoppers,  I hope you made it home safely.

Today I'm popping by with a Christmas Card. 

Copics Used:
Orange: YR16, YR07
Green: YG67,YG63,YG61
Yellow: Y35, Y15
Brown:E25, E23
Blue: B2, B26, B24
Skin: E00, E000, R00
Joseph: W3, W2, W1, E30

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Best Friends are Flakes

Hello Stampers! 

I hope your holiday preparations are going well.  Connor and I are headed to my mom's house this evening.  My Mom is a wonderful cook.  I'm looking forward to eating way more than I should.  Before we hop in the car, I wanted to post this "Snowy" card.  I made this a while ago, but I'm still playing a little catch up.

Snowy by Magnolia

I'm still not sure how I feel about the Gold and purple together.   I think if I made another card, I might make the scarf purple.  What do you think?

Supply list:
Paper: Eggplant, white, black
Ink: Eggplant
Stamp: Snowy by Magnolia, Sentiment by SU
Gold: Y28, YR24, Y21
Cheeks: R20
Eyes: B00
Grey: W2, W1, 0
Embellishment: gold Stickles

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday Magic

I thought we could take a break from Christmas Cards today.   This card is showcases Magnolia's Wizard Tilda.  She is so sweet.  I love her little glasses.

Supply List
Paper: Melon Mambo, White, Black
Ink: Melon Mambo
Stamp: Wizard Tilda, Sincere Salutations
Embellishment: Star punch
Pink: R85, R83, R81
Skin: E00, E000, E11
Wand: E33, E35
Black/Grey: T9, T7, T6, T5, T3, T2,  T1
Ground: W5, W3, W0
Hair: E31, Y21, E51