Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snow Problems

Happy Tuesday Friends,

I hope as you read this you are wrapped up in a blanket and cuddling a cup of hot chocolate.  As I type this big fluffy snowflakes are creating a white blanket outside.   I love how beautiful the snow looks on the branches.  I'm so thankful, that I can admire it from the warmth of my stamping table.
our backyard

The weather man says there is a storm on the way, so I thought we continue with the snowman theme.   This little snowman is enjoying his time in the snow.   I used this stamp to make a card last Christmas as well.  You can see it here

Copics used:
Coat: E40, E41, E43, E33
Shoes: T5, T7, T9
Ski: E13, E15, E07
Purple: BV01, BV02, BV04
Snow and Jingle Bell: C1, C3
I added a little glitter to the bell with my glitter pen
Optional: Glitter on the snow.  I didn't add it to mine, but I was thinking about it. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Snowman Greetings

BRRRrrr... it is cold outside.   The weather man is threatening snow tomorrow.   I think these two snow friends will feel right at home.

 The background is de-embossed.   I stamped the snowman on scrap paper and then cut them out to put them on the snow scene.   I hope you enjoy these little cuties!

Copics used:
Blues: BG02, BG05,
Red: R29, R39
Purple: BV20, BV25
Orange: RV12
Shadows: W3, W1

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gated Penguins?

IT IS FRIDAY!  Congrats friends, we made it through the work week.  I'm off to see my Brockport Crew this afternoon.  I can't wait to make some Christmas cards with lively bunch.  

Today's post is a first for me.   I have never made a gate card before.  I really like the style of this card.    I'm excited to play around with this card layout.  I took lots of photos of this card,  hopefully you can get a feel of how it is put together.

white paper is embossed with snowflakes

Copics used: 

Black: T5, T7, T9, 100
Yellow: Y15, Y17
Cheeks: R11
Snow: B00, B000
Stool: BG45, BG49
Red: R24, R27, R29, R39, 
I put Stickles on the snow and used my finger to spread them out, so it would look smooth. I love how they look like sun is reflecting off the snow. 

If I were to color this card again, I'm not sure I would color the banner red. I think the red is too harsh.  It overpowers the card a bit.   I had a hard time picking colors.  Red and Green seem to be obvious choices, but not sure they work.   My only thought is to leave the banner white and color the sky.  Any suggestions? 

Have a creative day!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Warms the Heart

Hello friends,

I'm so blessed to work from home.  My co-workers (the pups) can be distracting from time to time, but I love their company.  Our dogs have such personality.  Widget (our black lab mix) loves her bones.  I caught her taking inventory of her stash.   After she was satisfied, she hid them in the blanket.    She Warms the Heart!

Warmth is just what this little girl needs!  She is so so cold.    I stamped tiny snowflakes in a light blue.  I love the soft subtle look they give the scene. 

Copics Used:
Green: G20, G24, G28
Blue: B12, B14, B16
Grey: W1, W3, W5
Black: T3, T5, T7, T9, 100
Ground: C1, C3, C5
Wood: E31, E33, E35
Hair: E13, E15, E25
Skin: E000, E00, E11

When I was putting the card together. It felt like something was missing.  I was playing around with ribbon. I thought the navy ribbon alone wasn't enough.  The silver ribbon was too much.  So I combined them together for this double bow.  I've never seen or tried it before, but I like it.  I tied the navy ribbon around the entire card and into a bow.  Then around the knot, I tied the small silver ribbon.  The combination is shown below.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wonderful Friend

Hello Stampers,

Welcome to my mid-week escape.   I hope to make this a habit in the new year.  I don't want to be limited by the next holiday/season in my card making.  The best part of stamping is it is a little vacation from stress and reality.  Why can't we make spring cards in November, or Christmas cards in March?   I'm all about breaking the rules.

Today I'm dreaming of SPRING.   I used a retired stamp set from Stampin Up called Both Way Blossoms.   The edges of the card are sponged with turquoise ink.   I hope you find a little Spring in your step today.

Have a creative day,

Copics used:

Pink: R20, R21, R22
Grey: W3, W1
Green: YG03, YG06
Yellow: Y15

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gently Falling

Happy Tuesday,

Connor and I raked the last (well we hope) of the leaves out of the yard this weekend.  It is not a chore that I look forward too.  However, I love watching the dogs run and chase each other in the leaves.   They are so cute... and make the job more entertaining.  

 As we start to think about saying goodbye to fall. I thought I'd sneak in another fall card before the snow covers the ground.  

No copics were used to make this card.  It is all done with ink.  We stamped the leaves on ivory card stock then cut the card stock into thirds.  We used glue dots to raise up each panel. I think it adds to the illusion that the leaves are falling.   It is a very elegant card. I think I might give it a try using snowflakes.

Blast from the Past:  The card has a little stippling on the panels.  It is a technique I haven't used in about a decade.   I used a stippling brush to create the little brown spots on each panel.  It creates a texture and depth.  It is such an easy technique... just under utilized.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Santa is Coming to Town

Happy Monday all,

This weekend went by in a flash.  The holiday madness is starting early this year.  They are already playing Christmas Songs on the radio and I saw the first Christmas commercial.  
No doubt about it Santa is Coming to Town!

Copics used:

Wood: E70, E71, E74, E77
Red: R24, R29, R39
Green: G43, G46
Grey W3, W1
Blue B34, B37, B39
Skin: E000, E00
Gold : Y28
Browns:  I experimented with a lot of brown combos.  I encourage you to play around as well.  If you don't know where to get started start with E30, E31, E33 or E40, E41, E43.   If you want something harder try E30, E13, E15.  You can't go wrong.  Each deer should be a little different. I think it would be weird if they all looked the same.  

Have fun!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Away in a Manger

Hello Friends,

I have a Nativity Card to share with you today.  I was inspired by an idea I saw online, I can't take full credit for the design.  I love the clean look of the card.   It also gave us an opportunity to use vellum. We haven't used it in a while, so it was nice to get it out again.

Just some reminders about vellum.  The cool thing about vellum is you can see through it... the bad thing about vellum is you can see through it!  Meaning, you need to hide the glue.  If you put glue tabs under your vellum you are going to be able to see them.  I hid my glue under Mary and Jesus.  I made sure I put enough glue to hold the vellum in place.   The edges of the vellum are not glued down on my card.     If this bugs you, you can purchase special glue that works will vellum  It is supposed to be clear and you can't see it.  I haven't had much luck with it.   If you have any suggestions,  lets hear them!   My approach is always been to hide the glue, or use brads.

Copic info:

Manger:  (any browns will work on this)
Wood: E30, E31, E33, E35
Bricks: E50, E51, E53
Shingles: E40, E41, E43, E44
Light in the Window: Y11, Y15
Hay: YR30, E31, YR21-- don't stress too much it is hidden by the vellum
Terra Cotta Pot: E95, E97, E07 - again this can be any color

Mary and Jesus
Blues: B12,B14, B16
Halo: Y00, Y15, Y26
Skin: E000, E00, E11
Blanket: E40 E41, E43
Veil: C1, C2, C3
Hair: E23, E25, E29, E18- any browns will work.

I don't remember where I saw the card that inspired this one... Thank you to all the talented card makers out there.  I'm inspired by you everyday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Santa Stop Here

Hello Stamping Buddies,

My sister adopted a dog this past May.  The dog shelters in Atlanta, Georgia were overflowing. Rather than put down the overflow of dogs, kind strangers created a caravan to bring dogs to shelters that have room for them.  A few of them landed in a shelter near my Mom's house. My sister happen to fall in love with this Georgia Peach.  This week has been Bindi's (the dog) first experience with snow.   The Southern Belle shivers in the cold. Bindi has become best friends with the heating vent in efforts to stay warm.   My sister has bought her some clothes to help this poor pup to survive a New York winter.   She doesn't look happy about it, but it is better than freezing!


Bindi (aka Cookie Monster)

I have another James the Bear card to share with you today.  I'm loving this series of cards.  Bindi and I share our dislike of the cold, but this bear is embracing the experience. 

Copic Details:

Bear: E30, E31, E33, E35, E37
Wood: E71, E74, E77
Paper: E50, E51
Red: R24, R29,
Black: T3, T5, T7, T9
Snowman: W2, W1, W0
Ground: B00, B000

My one regret: I made the snowman's nose too dark.  It was suggested I make his nose match his hat.  I love trying new things... but this one.. not for me.  It should be orange in my opinion.

Optional: You could put glitter on his hat.  I didn't, but many students wanted to add a bit of sparkle.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Grateful for You

Hello Stampers,

Today is Veteran's Day.  November is a month filled with Thanks.  Today is one of the most important days of the year, they day we set aside for Thanking our Veterans.  There are so many men and women who have made huge sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy each day.   The words are small but are filled with so meaning.  WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!

Copic info:

Each month I attempt to make a card that doesn't use Copics.  This is such a challenge for me.   They are my favorite toys.  However, it is great fun to remember how fun dye ink can be!   I love how this card turned out.  I made a bunch to put into my card box.  They were so easy and fun!

Friday, November 8, 2013

SShhh...Santa is coming

Hello all,

This stamp and I have a love/hate relationship.  When I first saw it I was in LOVE.   I love everything about it.  I love all the details from the expression on Santa's face, to the snowflakes in the night sky.  LOVE.  I couldn't wait to color it!   When it arrived in the mail,  I inked it up the same day (this never happens).   I pulled out my copics and started coloring.....

I was shocked to find that image isn't complete.  I guess lopsided is a better word.  I had to use my multi-liner to draw in part of the tree and curtains.   My limited drawing talent and some creative cropping (this is why the pillow hangs off the mat) has led to this final result.   In the end, I love the card.   However, there was a lot of head scratching (maybe a few choice words) to get to this point.

Copics used:
Red: R24, R29, R37, R59
Santa Shadows: W1, W2, W3
Santa's Beard: C1, C2, C3
Curtains: V22, V25, V28
Boy's Hair and Santa Sac: E31, E33, E35, E37
I didn't blend the boy's hair
Boy's PJs: B12, B14 and B26, B29
Sky: B34, B37, B39
Skin: E000, E00, E11
Dog: N1, N3, N5, N7
Wall: E41, E42, E43 
Woodwork: E44, E47, E49
Tree: G43, G46, G94, G99
Pillow: C1, C3
Gifts: Many random colors be creative!!
I used white gel pen on snowflakes

I love this card, it started off as a white piece of paper and every inch of it is colored with copic. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


WhooHooo it is Wednesday,

November is filled with reminders to be thankful.  This little owl is celebrating the little things in life.  

I used my silhouette to cut out the bird cage.  I love my silhouette, but I still struggle getting detailed die cuts to peel off the mat nicely.  The edges become a little fuzzy. Any ideas?  I will have to continue playing with it.

 I wanted the "Whoohoo" to pop, so I heat embossed it so the white would be easy to read.  I also added some gold sequins to the card.  I have seen them on so many other beautiful cards, I had to try them out.   LOVE THEM!

Copics used: 
Pink: RV02, RV04, RV06
Yellow: Y13, Y15, Y18
Grey: N1, N3, N5
Orange: YR12, YR15

Monday, November 4, 2013

Grateful Heart

Hello Friends,

It is November and a Season of Thanks.   I try to find something each day I'm thankful for. It helps keep things in perspective.   To help create a mood of Thanksgiving, I have this little beauty today.

Copics used:

Blue: B91, B93, B95, B97, B99
Orange: YR04, YR07, Yr09
Green: G43, G46, G99
Skin: E00, E000, E11
Basket; E31, E33, E35
Red: R24, R29
Hair: I can't remember...so sorry!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Stocking was Hung


I had a wonderful opportunity today to drive up to Rochester for Rubber Stamp Garage Sale.   I'm not sure if you can relate, but it isn't hard for rubber stampers to outgrow their craft rooms.  There are just so many cute stamps out there... and we want them all.   She had a wonderful selection and my Mom, Debbi and I scoured the tables.  I came home with about 30 new stamps and yards and yards of ribbon.  I'm so excited to ink them up, not sure where to start.

While I figure it out,  I wanted to share another one of my Bear Cards.

Love the poinsettia embossing

Bear: E30, E31, E33, E35,
Red: R24, R37, R39
Bed: E70, E71, E74, E77
BG: BG01, BG02, BG05
Warm Grey: W1, W3, W5

I airbrushed the background.  If I had to do it again I would pick a different color.  I wanted a neutral color, but it is too close to the bear color.  Oh well...live and learn.