Saturday, December 19, 2020

Elf Adventures-- week #2

 Hello again, 

I have an elf update.  Here is week #2 of photos of our elf adventure.  If you missed the first week click here to see the story and photos of our elf adventure. 

Day 8:  Good vs Evil -- this was Connor's favorite day

P.S.  Yes Elsa joined the darkside.  Ryan often pretends that Elsa is a villian.  I'm not sure what she did, but apparently she crossed over.  Someone should let Disney know. 

Day 9:  Ryan had a rough day.. so we had a nice reminder from the elf to BE NICE

Day 10:   Don't feed the Dinosaurs --- this is one of my favorites days

Day 11:  Rock wall out of Christmas Bows

Day 12:  Silly Snowman

Day 13:  A Christmas Wish--  The elf brought a book for Ryan  I forgot to take a photo. 

Day 14:  Elf found Googly Eyes and Ryan's school photo

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