Thursday, December 24, 2020

Elf Adventures --week #3

Happy Christmas Eve! 

 I can't believe the big day is almost here.  Ryan has checked the window five times already today looking for Santa.  He is very excited for his arrival.  I'm so thankful that we were able to keep the Christmas spirit going during this pandemic.   I really wanted to make this special for him despite not seeing our cousins and grandparents.  

On a creative note, I finished 7 scrapbook pages in the last 2 weeks.  It feels good to slide a new page into an album.  I'm hoping I can get a couple more pages finished and then I'll switch back over to cards in January.   

Sending wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas! 

Day 15: Underwear climb

Day 16:  Middle of the night visitor

Day 17:  We got 18.7 inches of snow and school is cancelled.  We were left an activity book to keep us busy.

Day 18:  Do you wanna build a snowman? 

Day 19:  Long Legged Elf in Daddy's shoes

Day 20:  Apple-piller

Day 21:   Egg-cellent

Day 22:  Frosty and Kringle take flight

Day 23: Yucky cookies---  this was a funny one.  This got the dogs attention.  They were spotted begging the elf for a treat.  Not everyone thinks these are yucky!

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