Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Falling for Gnomes

 Hello friends. 

I've been stamping for over 25+ years( gosh is that hard to admit to myself).  It has been amazing journey watching all the trends over the years.  Things come and go out of style just like anything else.   The coolest thing is seeing the improvements in products.   When I started,  decorative scissors were the newest and coolest product... we have come a long way... check out the detail in these dies.  The details are just incredible. 

I may have gone a little nuts, but I was having a blast.  If you asked if I was a gnome person... I would have said no.  Then I saw this Fall Add on- Gnome set and I was in love.   I couldn't wait to pulled out some scrap paper and have a die cutting party.   It was so fun mixing and matching and creating cards.  The sunflower and the acorn hats just warm my heart.   (pst...Christmas gnomes are in the works!)

Gnome Birthday Set-- has single gnome body in it.  You could just cut apart bodies in starter set to create cards. 

Taylored Expression Ink Toffee or mini-  I used this to add some dimension to some of the die cuts
White gel pen:  Scrapbook or Amazon- optional

Card Stock from Stampin Up

Bearly Art Glue- Amazon or Taylored Expressions--best glue ever! especially for small places!
Tacky Glue (for big spaces)-

These stand up on a table or mantel as a little decoration.  I was thinking about making some into magnets.  What do you think?  Good idea or Bad idea?

I made a few variations.  Do you have a favorite?

No copics today


  1. Just great creativity

    1. Thank you. It means a lot that you took to time to comment. :)

  2. These gnomes are adorable. I've been stamping since the mid-1990's. Maybe we should be given a special "senior stamper" discount :). I'm wondering what your background die (in Very Vanilla) is? I really like the shape.

    1. They are Pretty Pink Posh Wonky Rectangles. They are sold out... but I think they will restock them.