Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bagel Birthday Wishes

Hello friends,

I have another "oldie but goodie" card.  I love House Mouse stamps.  These mice keep me laughing!  However, they can be a pain in the butt to color.  This past weekend, I spent some time practicing these little guys ad trying to figure out some tips for copic users.  This is a card I colored two years ago.  I was going to recolor this image... but I decided to color some new house mouse images instead.   I have some notes posted at the bottom for those interested.

Copics used:
Skin: E00, E000, E21, R00 
Fur: E25, E23, E21, 

Bagel: E35, E33, E31, E30, E42, E41

Some tips...
1.  Color the skin first.  I also include the belly in this step.  The artist always make the fur on the belly thinner showing the cute belly underneath. 

2.  The mouse is usually darker at the edges of the fur, then lighten as you move towards the belly/center. 

3. House Mouse images are a mix of blending and texture.  Try to leave the hair on the edges of the image it looks like hair.   Also let lighter colors show through some darker the mouse texture.  

If I did recolor this image, I would add more pink to his face/nose.   It is really light and doesn't show up much in the photos.  I would use E93 instead of R00. 

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