Friday, February 14, 2014

You Had Me at Merlot

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are rumors that a chubby little cherub is flying about shooting arrows.  I haven't seen him myself, but BEWARE he is out there!   Connor and I don't have special plans for Valentine's Day.  I think we are content spending a quiet evening at home.  What about you?  Any creative, fun plans for tonight?

 Here is the last of my Valentine's Card for this year.   I made a bunch of these this year.  They were fast and fun to make.  The sentiment uses a classic line from Jerry McGuire.  The famous line is "You had me at Hello" ....and we've twisted it into You had me at Merlot!!!

I made these cards in two different color variations one in red and the other in more of a purple.  I liked the purple ones better because they were closer to the color of Merlot.  I sent them all here are the photos of the red variation.

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