Monday, July 22, 2013


Today has gone by in a flash.  My morning started with the Campbell girls.  Susan, Susan, Donna and Jane and I had a great time stamping away.  Their cards turned out great!   Then I dashed over to the Senior Center for class.   Louise is out of the rehab center and is doing wonderful.  It is nice to have her back in class!   I must have had fun, because time has flown by.

Here is one of the cards we made today.  It one of my favorite from the July Card Lover's class.    Poppies have been so popular this year!  They keep popping up (ha ha).  I'm guilty as well, I keep buying poppy stamps.  I promise...this is the last one........until they come out with another must have stamp!

I chose to color this stamp in red, but I think it would look great in oranges too!    Maybe this fall I will give that a try.  What do you think?

I didn't put any words on this card.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to use the card for, so I left it blank.  It is really nice to have a few cards in your card box that you can use for any occasion.  

copics used:
Reds: R24, R29 R37, R59
Green: YG61, YG63, YG67
Yellow/Orange: YR12, Y15, Y17, YR21

Afterthoughts:  I going to try to add this section to my blog posts.  Just my thoughts I had after I created this card.  There is always something we wish we could change... a way we could make it better.

If I was to color this again, I think I would try to create a bigger contrast on the petals of the flowers.   I think I would start with R14 and then work my way darker with the flowers.  It might help add more interest to the flowers.  I love the rich red that R24 and R29 creates.  It matches the paper perfectly!!

Have a great day friends!

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  1. beautiful poppies, It's always nice to have extra cards on hand. love this design!!