Monday, November 21, 2022

The Maid Sucks (Haha!)


Housework is never fun! Why do housework, when you can make cards, right?  Well I couldn't escape it forever, so we had a clean-a-thon this weekend.  The only dog hair in our house is on the dog at the moment.  I love this new stamp from Technique Junkies.   It fits me perfectly.  

The top card reminds me of when you wash the windows and it leaves streaks.  At least when the sunshines it creates a beautiful rainbow.  😂   The second card was a "mistake" when I was trying to make a coffee background (video here) I thought it looked like hair.... so I used it for this card.   

I hope they give you a chuckle! 

 Materials: (use code TJ10Chris to save 10%)

Memento Ink: Amazon or Scrapbook

Gold Foil- from Michaels


No copics today

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