Friday, April 1, 2022

Red Hot Technique class 2022

 Hello friends. 

Hello friends. 

Thank you so much for coming to class today!  It was pleasure to meet you.  It was a full house!  You guys did a great job mastering a difficult set of cards.   Below is all the photos and links.  I found one link that didn't work. I will fix that on Monday when I'm home (so sorry).  

The topic of paper was popular today.  Here is the link to the correct type of  paper.  They make several kinds and it can be confusing.  This is the paper that I use to color with copics.  I also use it for pencils...but you plan to do a lot of layering you should invest in specialized paper.  

The second question that I got asked what the cheapest place to buy copics.  Click here.

The third is this is a good source for gamsol. 

Card #1: Blog Post--  or Video Tutorial 

Card #2: Blog post:  Mustache for Christmas   Video for this card Santa Video

Card #3: Visit Blog here--Bird Hugs  or see video here

Card #4:

Card #5:  Visit blog post -Santa Star or see Video here

Card #6: Blog post:  Fairy Berry and link to video tutorial

Card #7: 

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