Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Sad Goodbye

Hello all,  
I try to keep this blog about mostly card stuff.  Today is not about cards.  Sorry... I'll get some of those up soon.    Today's post is about loss of our dog, Willett.   Thank you all for the support and kind words. I know many of you can relate.  There is just something special about how a dog can fill a house.  I'm so glad we still have Widget (her sister).  She is missing Willett too.   My family spent the evening cuddled on the couch watching home videos and sharing stories of Willett.  

 Below is what I posted on Facebook last night.  I have a million memories, but this is what I could squeak out:

Connor wanted to name her Willett because it was his favorite drink. I wanted to name her Willett because I thought it was funny.. "Will it come?" or "Will it sit?" It turned out to be a perfect name for this stubborn little fluff ball. She had the biggest heart and loved with every ounce of her oversized body. She never met anyone that wasn't her best friend. She was always looking for an opportunity to cuddle If your lap was empty, she would fill it. She would take advantage of any opportunity to lick you. If your toes poked out of the bottom of the blanket, she would let you know like she had been waiting all night for it to happen. She lived life with passion and heart. She blessed us each and everyday for 10 years. We loved her for every second of it. We knew our time was limited... but somehow it all happened too fast. She went to heaven today. We are all grieving, but I know we had something special because through all the tears we are laughing and smiling. She gave us that gift; years and years of memories. Love you Willett.


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