Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Birthday Showers


This is a fairly new stamp by Purple Onion Stamps.   I wanted to create a rainbow shower.  It would be really time consuming to do this with copics.  It is a perfect excuse to break out the watercolors.  A friend of mine (Lisa) told me the trick to getting them to create a perfect blend between colors is to not skimp on the water.  She was right.  They blended together wonderfully.   Thanks so much for the tip!  

As you can see, I created two different samples.  I watercolored the monkey on the bottom one.  I wasn't sure I liked the "messy" look.  On my other sample (top picture) I  used a dye based marker to color the monkey.  I think I like that one better.  What do you think?

 No copics today

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