Monday, April 27, 2020

Are you Ever too old for Show and Tell?

Hello crafty friends,

I usually use this platform to share my cards with you.  I'm so glad to take a step back and see what you have been working on.  This "Caronacation" may have separated us all, but this is a great way to see that people are still getting crafty.   If you have a minute, feel free to comment and share the love for your fellow crafters.  If you have cards posted, don't forget to come back in a day or so and read the comments!  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

I'm so glad that so many of you wanted to participate.  I posted a max of three photos per person.  It was hard to choose there was so many amazing cards.

JoAnne from North Carolina:

Kristen from Buffalo, New York made a treat box.

Suetta in Indianapolis

Teresa in Corning NY

Amanda for Ithaca, NY

 Donna from Horseheads, NY

Karen from Brockport, NY

Kathy from Pennsylvania

Fran  has been making masks.  Thank you to all those health care workers!

Lori from Brockport, NY

Amy from Brockport, NY

Cheri from Brockport, NY

Evelyn from Deshler, OH (camped out in NY) Look at her...starting her Christmas cards!

Ryan-- artist in training made me this card.  His Daddy helped with the words and drawing shapes.

Thank you all for sharing your work.  It brought joy to my day.   Please leave your fellow crafters comments.   If you all like doing this, we can do it again next month.   Hugs to you all!  Happy Crafting friends!


  1. Loved all the cards! Great idea. Awesome card Ryan,u did a great job!!

  2. That was fun to look at! Thanks 😷