Thursday, September 5, 2019

Rainbow Watercolor-Tutorial Guest Artist

Hello all,

You all know that I love my copics, but it is I think it is important as an crafter (dare I say artist) to keep pushing yourself.  You might not see change all at once, but slowly your will see your projects improve.    I love the look of watercolor, but it is challenging for me.   It is messy and relinquish control. 

A while back I asked her to give me some tips on how to create a rainbow watercolor wash.  She created this video for me and my crafty possy (that is you! 😎)     If you enjoy please be sure to check out her blog and youtube channel.   If you scroll down there are some tips and some info about Lisa.

Here is the link to her video.  If you are reading this post in your email, the video will not play.  Be sure to click on the link or go to my blog to watch.

Photos of the cards:

Here is what Lisa had to say:

Hello, papercraft friends. My name is Lisa. I'm a Blogger and artist over at

I am so excited that Chris is willing to let me do a blog post! Thanks so much, Chris! 

A little bit about me, I love watercolor, I picked up a brush about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back! Watercolor has been my medium of choice because of its luminosity and vibrant colors. I know that some of us are either new with watercolor. It can be intimidation. I hope my blog post will help you jump right into painting. This technique is a great place to start if you are nervous about watercolor! It’s all about blending! 

The card that I am going to show you today is vibrant with liquid watercolor. It will put you in a good mood with all those bright colors! 

Tips and tricks about painting rainbows with liquid watercolor: 

  1. You really only need three liquid watercolors to make vibrant colors. I choose Lollipop (magenta,) Cookie monster (cyan,) and lemon meringue (bright lemon yellow) Liquid watercolors from Taylored Expressions.  
  2. Clean Water- two words Clean water is your best friend, every time you think about changing colors, clean your brush with clean water!
  3. Use water to let the ink flow. This is easier said than done, you don’t want a puddle on your paper. You want a small sheen of water onto the paper. 
  4. Let the watercolor do the work and blend on your paper, let it do its thing and don’t fuss!
  5. Use water to map out the places you want the watercolor to go. You can mop up unwanted water, but pigment is permanent.
  6. Experiment with colors, maybe you need a fall card, use oranges and yellows and some greens!
  7. Use a round mop brush to get lots of water and pigment onto your brush! I used a size 10 round mop brush! 
  8. Dilute the watercolor just a tad with water, the pigments can be very intense!
  9. A little drop will do you- and the bottle will last for a very long time! 
  10. Practice. And use the other sheets for art journaling, or for other cards
  11. When in doubt, splatter! 

Just have fun with it! Play around! If you don’t like what you painted you can flip the paper over and try again! 

For the card itself, once the background was dried I stamped the Birthday sentiment from Cathrine Pooler ink in Jet Black from Ranger’s Archival ink.

Cansons watercolor paper is my paper of choice.

Have you played with liquid watercolor? I'd love to see it. The luminosity that watercolors can give can be addicting.

If you liked this blog post, come over and follow me! I publish it every week! Hope to see you around!

Happy creating! 

Lisa Christensen

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