Saturday, October 1, 2016

Card Lover's Class

Hello Stampers,

Every month I put together a Card Lover's class.   I started doing this about three years ago!  It is amazing how fast time flies.   This past month, I decided to change the format a little.  The focus used to be on making six quick cards.  However... the focus slowly changed to making more in depth cards and learning new techniques.  It was becoming harder and harder for us to finish the cards in 3 hours.
The focus of the class will now be on the exploration of new techniques/ideas.  I like having this learning component in each class even if it means reducing the number of projects to five.    I'm also going to TRY to make a instructional video each month.  This way if you live outside the Corning, Brockport, or Ithaca area you can participate.    If you would like more information on this please drop me an email.   I hope to get the first edition of this out soon.

Don't worry I'm also going to continue the Copic Card Club each month.

Here is a photo of September's cards.

Here are some close-ups...

Love this Turkey card!

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