Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flowers of the Month: Roses

Happy June!

Summer has finally made it to upstate New York.  As I type, it is 90 degrees outside.  Our dogs are basking in the sun while Ryan and I hide in the slightly cooler shade.

This month we are celebrating Roses are Lila Grey Stamps.   When I think about roses, my mind also jumps to red.   My first thought was to go with the classic red, but I changed my mind when I was looking through my paper selection.  I found this redish-pink card stock.  I  thought it would be fun to color the roses to match.

I chose to use copic markers R00, R10, R20, R22.  These are much pinker reds than I would normally imagine for a rose.  If you want a deep red.  Try using R24, R29, R39, R59.

When shading, I kept the darker colors towards the center of the flower.  I did this because I feel less light would penetrate into the center parts of the flower.  I also worked the colors dark to light.  Reds tend to saturate the card stock quickly and bleed.  Coloring dark to light uses less ink and helps prevent the ink from wandering.

I hope you enjoy this card.  I hope you will go to the Lila Grey Stamps and pick up Roses image.


Red: R00, R10, R20, R22
Green: YG61, YG63, YG67, G99
Yellow: Y17

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