Monday, February 1, 2016

Flowers of Month: Violets

Happy Monday,

It is time to share February's Flower of the month.   This month we are celebrating Violets.  What a beautiful flower!  I'm in love with these guys!!   Seeing that Valentine's Day is just around the corner... I was tempted to color them blue and do a twist on the Roses are Red, Violets are blue poem. However,  after trying a few shades of blue out... I liked the traditional purple better.    

I needed to play around a bit to find the right combination of purples.  In the end I chose BV02, BV04, BV08.  I used a little BV17 to add a shadow or two.   When you are applying the colors to the petals, take care to use the darks sparingly.   A little bit of the darker purples go a long way.  I didn't want flowers to be too dark.

I used G02, G05, G09, YG67 to color the leaves.  I chose those colors because they compliment the purples perfectly.

I hope you enjoy February's flower of the month as much as I have.  Lisa did a great job capturing the beauty of these flowers.   You can find her images here.

Copics used:
Purples: BV02, BV04, BV08, BV17
Green: G02, G05, G09, YG67

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