Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rainbow of Thanks


I love rainbows!  Did you know that it is impossible for two people to see the same rainbow? Rainbows are formed when light is refracted through tiny droplets of rain.  Because no two people can occupy the exact same space we all experience are own special rainbow.   They are just proof that magic does exist in the world.  I have fallen in love with them on cards.    They bring just happiness everywhere they go....

Copic colors:
Red:  R39, R29, R24, R14, R02
Orange: YR09, YR07, YR04, YR02
Yellow: Y18, Y15, Y13, Y11
Green: G99, YG67, YG63, YG61, G20
Blue: B04, B02, B00,
Purple: V17, V15, V12
Stampin Up For All You Do

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  1. I didn't know that about rainbows. I recognize that stamp!