Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowflakes Sparkle

Hello Stampers!

This card was created at my Mom's request.  It was an indirect request, but I thought I would try to honor it.  She wanted a card that didn't involve coloring.  WHAT???  I thought about that a while. What am I going to do?  She loves to brayer.  She is amazing at it.  I'm always amazed at the beautiful scenes she creates. 

I pulled out my brayer (I had to dust it off) and gave it a go.  It wasn't pretty.  No sheet of paper should be tortured this way.  After a few hours of tinkering.  I put it away.   I was pretty sure that I could create the look I wanted using an airbrush. 

I pulled out my copics and on the first try was able to airbrush a rosy sky with ease.  I'm not sure if that was cheating or if it was clever solution to a problem?  No matter... here is the result.

 I used black ink to stamp the animals and title.  Then used white pigment ink to stamp the snowflakes on top. 

Thank you Mom for inspiring me to try new things, even when you didn't mean too!

Much love Everyone,

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