Sunday, June 19, 2022

Experimental Water

 Hello all, 

I wanted to play around a bit with water today.  I chose the wave stamp because I thought they would compliment each other. I inked the stamp up in Navy ink and then sprayed the stamp with water.   In my opinion, the one I strayed a lot turned out the best.  It allowed the most movement of ink.   Obviously that is the point.  I guess the major learning point is that it takes a lot of water to create that movement.   

This was a lot of fun and it was VERY easy to do.  I finished off each card with glitter and Happiness sentiment.  

 Materials: -

Happiness stamp- Save 10% with code TJ10Chris

Large Wave Stamp- Save 10% with code TJ10Chris

Lots of water...

Medium amount of water...

Very Little water...

Love this one!!

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