Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Too Cute to Spook-- Halloween photos

Hello friends,

No card to share today...  I just wanted to post a few photos before going to bed tonight.  I love Halloween and I didn't want it to pass without some memorable photos.

We had a short photo shoot on Sunday, but he wasn't a happy Dragon.  This morning we got up early to try again.  He was so cooperative.  I was able to get him in a few different outfits.

This might be my favorite photo
 Scary Dragon Face
I found this cute (and cheap) bat cape on Ebay.  I couldn't resist.  He will only be this small once. Who can resist a baby bat?

I hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween.  Thanks for celebrating with us! 


  1. Could he be any more adorable!!!!!
    Vicky Meany

  2. Chris-

    Thanks for sharing these adorable Halloween photos! My favorite one is the 3rd to last one - as a bat! The expression on Ryan's face is priceless!

  3. That is just the cutest little boy! You aren't kidding he was cooperative! So glad you persisted! I didn't used to like bats. I've changed my mind! Lol.

    Still praying for you, dear friend!