Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Flower of the Month: Asters

Hello all!  

Lisa from Lila Grey asked me to do a monthly feature on her blog.  Each month, we will feature a flower.  This month we are celebrating Asters!  I'll share my tips and tricks for coloring with copics.  

Asters are a beautiful flower.  I love Lisa's rendering of this flower, but it does pose a few challenges for copic artists.  The petals are really narrow.  If you are familiar with copics then you know they like to bleed.  To help prevent the ink from wandering on the card stock I colored this image from dark to light.  I also recommend coloring one petal at a time.  Purples tend to be a little harder to blend than other colors in the spectrum.  Working while the ink is wet will help smooth out harsh lines.  I used BV17, V17, V15, V12 to color this flower.  I added the BV17 to help darken up the petals near the center of the flower.  It adds a bit more contrast to the petals.  However, you are new copics, I suggest leaving out the BV17.  It will help making the blending process easier.   If you have any questions about using copics please feel free to email me   If you are looking for an advanced copic flower class, please check out this tutorial.  

Copics used:
Purple: BV17, V17, V15, V12
Green: G02, G16, YG67  (not a natural blend, but they work beautifully together)

Yellow: Y17 with dots of brown E13, E15, E33 

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