Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wishing Flower

Hello again,

I thought we could finish the week off with a simple card.  I wanted to share because I did something I rarely do.  I used an actual button. Yep... a real button.  I normally shy away from them. I've learned if the prying fingers of the USPS employees feel any lumps in an envelope they like to add on extra fees.  The shear joy they extract out of this process still stuns me.  I wonder if there is a prize for catching misfit buttons on handmade cards.  Do they have a tally board in the break room where they log their findings?  Anyway... off topic.   I had to make an exception because this card just wouldn't be the same without the button. It adds a sweetness to the card. There are tiny little details in the petals of the flower too.  It is simply sweet.

No copics used today!