Monday, April 20, 2015

The Icing on the Cake

Happy Monday!

When I was making this cards I started to realize how lucky Cinderella was.  All she had to do, was start singing and the mice, birds, and other critters would come and help her with the housework.  I'm not a huge fan of mice...but if they came and helped me clean the house and cook dinner I would get over it.   If anyone knows where Cinderella got her furry helpers let me know... there is always something that needs to be cleaned.

Mice: E30, E31, E33, E35
Jam: RV63, RV66, RV69
Umbrella: Rv63, RV66
Blue: B00, B000
Grey: C1, C3, C5
Ground: W3, W1, W0
Pink box: R000, R00, R01, R02
Cake: E55, E53, E51, E50
Glitter on the sugar

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  1. I could use some little helpers too! I love your selection of stamps. another charming design, love this :) !!!!!