Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'll Hang with You

Hello all,

I hope this note finds you nice and warm.   We have been bombarded with snow the last few days here in New York.   Connor had to shovel the driveway twice in one hour to get to work yesterday.  He shoveled it once then took a shower and ate breakfast.  When he went outside to leave, he found a new layer of snow in his way.

Thankfully we have a little sunshine today.    I like to take photos of cards outside.  The natural light is way better to showcase the colors.  I bundled up and went out in 8 degree sunshine and took some photos so I could catch up on the blog.   YIKES it was cold!

I've used this set a lot.  I love these monkeys.  This time I stamped two of them, cut them out and used dimensional glue to place them in the heart.   In the background I put some cloud paper.   If you wanted to make this card more romantic, you could put red card stock.   I didn't want to make it too mushy because I was making valentine's for friends.   I also used some liquid glue to tack their hands to the twine.  I was worried that it wouldn't stick, but it worked really well.

Monkeys: E11, E13, E15
Monkey Feet: E50, E53, W2
Ears: R11


  1. such fun, love the added twine and super sweet monkeys!!! :) the added heart is a cool element :)