Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blue Daisies

Hello all,

Connor and I just got home from seeing Hairspray at our local community theater.  When we arrived we found out that the show not only sold out, but over sold tickets.  They pulled out folding chairs and squeezed them into every possible space.  That sounds awful, but we ended up sitting almost on stage.  It felt like we were part of the production.  The cast was running by us in many scenes.   It just added to the magic of the theater experience.  If you are local, I hope you check out the show.  The cast really poured their hearts into the production!

Tonights card is a favorite of mine.  I picked up this stamp recently.  I feel in love immediately.  I know daisies aren't normally blue....but it just felt right.

Copics used

Blue: B00, B12, B24, B26,
Center of Flower: Y11, Y15, Y17, E13, E15
Purple: BV01, BV00


  1. I believe that I picked up that stamp--just kidding. You did a wonderful job coloring.

    1. LOL... you were a key part in acquiring this stamp. LOVE IT! Thank you!!

  2. I got the blue daisy cards and they are even more breathtaking in person. Thank You