Thursday, July 3, 2014

Always Thankful


One of the reasons last week was so busy, was I was babysitting these three lovely ladies.   It is a long story, but their Mom needed to go out of town for a few days and needed someone to watch the girls.   I was a little nervous at first, but we had a great time!   We hiked, swam, talked, played fetch with our dogs (who are "Dog Tired") and played games.  I'm thankful for these small moments.  We all know this to be true.  Real joy is found in unplanned little moments throughout the day.  However, we pack everyday so full work, chores, and responsibilities that we don't leave any room for them to sneak their way in.  After a string of busy days.. we forget and a pattern develops.   Then one day... something forces you to stop.  At first you might be a little resentful for disrupting the pattern, but then moments of joy sneak into your day.  Suddenly you resent the pattern.  We promise ourselves not to slide back into the old habits.  It took three 10 year olds and two days, but they made me remember that simple things are the most important things.  I'm always thankful to remember.   I hope some joy sneaks into your holiday weekend.

I made this card a while ago.. but he never left the craft room.  I thought it was about time to Let this Dog Out... LOL... sorry bad joke.

Copics used:  I kept him really simple.  I need to remember that simple is good.

Dog: E30, E31 spots E39  If I was to do over, I would use E40, E42 to add a bit more contrast
Hat:E35, E37
Blue: B00, B12

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