Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Santa Stop Here

Hello Stamping Buddies,

My sister adopted a dog this past May.  The dog shelters in Atlanta, Georgia were overflowing. Rather than put down the overflow of dogs, kind strangers created a caravan to bring dogs to shelters that have room for them.  A few of them landed in a shelter near my Mom's house. My sister happen to fall in love with this Georgia Peach.  This week has been Bindi's (the dog) first experience with snow.   The Southern Belle shivers in the cold. Bindi has become best friends with the heating vent in efforts to stay warm.   My sister has bought her some clothes to help this poor pup to survive a New York winter.   She doesn't look happy about it, but it is better than freezing!


Bindi (aka Cookie Monster)

I have another James the Bear card to share with you today.  I'm loving this series of cards.  Bindi and I share our dislike of the cold, but this bear is embracing the experience. 

Copic Details:

Bear: E30, E31, E33, E35, E37
Wood: E71, E74, E77
Paper: E50, E51
Red: R24, R29,
Black: T3, T5, T7, T9
Snowman: W2, W1, W0
Ground: B00, B000

My one regret: I made the snowman's nose too dark.  It was suggested I make his nose match his hat.  I love trying new things... but this one.. not for me.  It should be orange in my opinion.

Optional: You could put glitter on his hat.  I didn't, but many students wanted to add a bit of sparkle.

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